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International Students' Welcome

City Group of Institutions welcomes students and interns from different parts of the world to a diverse community of students coming from different places making the college a conglomerate of different cultures. With its global outlook, City Group has much to offer you in the way of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom and is an ideal place for you to pursue higher education and share experiences on a common platform. In an increasingly globalized world, City Group provides opportunity to study various disciplines catering for most academic and career interests in a truly international environment.

Scholarship / Financial Aid Scheme is applicable for Indian Applicants only.

Grant of Scholarship / Financial Aid is subject to prevalence of Scholarship / Financial Aid Scheme at the time of receipt of application and is further subject to verification and authentication of the information, certificates and other documents as required by the College.

It's you who make the college community such a unique mix of people from varying backgrounds, cultures and races, and this creates a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another. At City Group, we highly value the diversity and continue to foster opportunities to expand international and multicultural understanding.

The college offers cultural clubs and societies, sports facilities, extra lectures, cultural fests and events, etc for increasing the awareness of the world around you and enjoying the college life. It is our hope that you take full advantage of these opportunities and become deeply involved in the life of the college.

The college provides a nurturing and supportive environment to make your transition to City Group and India easy and enjoyable. Please know that our faculty and staff are here to help you and you should not hesitate to seek their assistance. The college has a team of international student advisors who can provide information about life at the college and about making your preparations before you arrive. The International Office is one point contact for all international students in case of any problem whatsoever during their stay at the college.

Good luck and we hope to welcome you to the City Group in the near future!