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Top BBM College in Bangalore

BBM or Bachelor in Business Management is an undergraduate program that spans over three academic years divided into six different semesters. The course is developed to make students aware of all the business techniques prevailing in the business world. It is similar to the course curriculum of MBA and if you are studying from Top BBM colleges in Bangalore you can challenge an MBA graduate. Majors offered in this area are Finance, Human Resource Management, Accountancy, Marketing etc.

The Business Management program is designed to offer a wide range of career choices. Top BBM College in Bangalore provides the scope for you to immediately start a career after graduation as a sole practitioner or staff manager. Upon gaining proper experiences, you can move on to supervise other managers with an aspiration to become partners.

Top BBM College in Bangalore Course Structure:

In the first year of the program, students study basic disciplines in management, accounting, marketing, and general studies. In the second year, in addition to general education, the Core requirements provide further education on management skills and their principles including the legal aspects. The third and fourth years allow the students to choose specialization courses.

Top BBM College in Bangalore Objectives:

  • Acquire requisite knowledge and apply ethical understanding and perspectives to business environments
  • Use critical thinking skills in business situations and apply them in work conditions
  • Develop effective written and oral communications skills
  • Analyze the local and global business environment prudently

Program Content offered at Top BBM College in Bangalore:

The Bachelor of Business Management program allows students to specialize in a specific academic area including:

  • Accounting
  • Accounting generally deals with calculation of information about an enterprise, the flow of the information produced to those who need it. The transactions are generally financial statements that show money in terms of resource.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship is the necessary specialization for those who wish to start their own business which teaches the art of being a successful entrepreneur. Introduction of new things, innovative ideas and effort required to make them into successful economic goods is the basic layout of the course.

  • Finance
  • Finance is study of investing money with respect to time value and how a unit of currency has its worth over changing time. Public Finance, Corporate and personal Finance are the three major categories of Finance.

Career Opportunities at Top BBM College in Bangalore:

City College being top BBM College in Bangalore has excellent placement opportunities as you complete your studies.

You can opt for job opportunities to choose some of the below mentioned profiles.

  • Manager
  • Business Adviser
  • Business Strategist
  • Industrial Relations
  • Management Consultant

Students generally prefer to study higher and pursue MBA at Top BBM College in Bangalore , as this gives them remarkable growth, in depth study of subject & handsome salary.